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Ronaye Michel

My dream of being a Personal Trainer started back in 1998... and there is no doubt that I am meant to be doing what I'm doing.

From as far back as I can remember I have been active and involved in as many sports as I could manage. In my late teens I started running and weight lifting, my love for both has been constant through the years and I have competed in both areas.

In my late 30's I found myself in an unhappy place and despite my running, weight lifting, group exercise classes and black belt kickboxing, my weight soared to 180lb. I spent a few years trying to lose weight, I figured with all my exercise all I needed to do was find the "right diet".

What I did learn in that time is that exercise and determination is not enough. It's a package deal... fix "the problem" (crappy job, unhealthy marriage, unsupportive friends etc), eat clean and exercise... PERIOD. It's simple...but not always easy.

I truly believe that all life's challenges are an opportunity for growth if you're ready for the challenge. It's not just about the food...or the exercise, it's all parts of you. You deserve to be happy...and healthy...the freedom that comes from this is priceless. I enjoy pushing my clients to find their best by setting an example in my own personal fitness and health.

I practice what I preach... I expect my clients to follow suit... NO EXCUSES!

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